Welcome to Amaza Telematics & Fleet Management

AMAZA TFM is a representation of a movement of black professional businesses that are reshaping South African socio-economic environment. We do this by providing world class services and training. Our staff is an asset and a strength, we are proud of the growth the company has seen since its inception.

The fundamental principle and mission of Amaza TFM is to add value to our business and to the businesses of our clients. We are committed to providing high quality services. We have a suite of product offering of specialized technological expertise as well as a full suite of project management services.

We strive to be a responsible organization. As such, we instill values and a culture of professionalism and mutual respect both internally with our staff and externally with our clients.

The South African business landscape is fast changing. It requires businesses to keep abreast of key industry trends both locally and internationally. This allows businesses to know the imperatives of this new global market. Amaza TFM therefore is proud of our long standing international partnerships. We boast a wireless network which enables remote staff to continue working while outside the office, making ours a 24-hour service.

Further to this, Amaza TFM integrates wireless communications, vehicle monitoring and location devices. The business has grown from strength to strength and we continue to focus on the following three market segments:

• Private Vehicles

• Commercial Vehicles

• Public Transport

We do not aim to reinvent the wheel, we aim to master the wheel in a modern and accommodative way. It is our belief that in today’s customer-oriented business, “people skills” are imperative for personal and organizational success. Our growth indicates the strong work ethic of the staff and management. We have a well-established management structure and hardworking members of staff as well as quality control mechanisms in place. This ensures that we render service of the highest standards.

Our Journey thus far has been one of growth and learning. It is a honor to lead this business and see it grows from infancy to where it is now.

The entrepreneurial spirit between staff and management at Amaza Telematics and Fleet Management (AMAZA TFM) has propelled us to new heights, positioning the company not only as a trailblazer in black business (being the first of its kind in South Africa), but also as a source of key innovations in its sector.

Our appetite for top-of-the-range technology is gearing us towards a point where we are creating a software capability that integrates all types of telemetry hardware – with the sole aim being to increase our clients’ efficiency and save them money. With this arsenal in our camp, we are now ready to march to new territories.

Our immediate goal is to make a significant presence in the following key sectors: the insurance industry and the motor manufacturing industry (assembly line). We strongly believe we will make a positive and significant impact to the business of our clients in those sectors.

Although the growth of AMAZA TFM has happened in a relatively short period we have been cautiously managing our expansion methodically, to
ensure a sustainable presence in the marketplace. Thus, our current plans to enter the strategic Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) are part of a well thought-out plan. We view ourselves as an integral part of the industrial excellence and co-operation that SADC seeks to attain.

In other words, we position ourselves as part of a broader solution. In short, our vision is simply to be a fully-fledged supply chain/logistics systems company that is a provider of choice not only in South Africa, but also in the SADC region.

We are happy to say that we have successfully introduced our clients to a system that offers their organizations increased efficiency, measurability, professionalism and – most importantly – peace of mind as they manage their fleet and in-transit assets.

“Our vision is simply to be a fully-fledged supply chain /logistics systems company

that is a provider of choice not only in South Africa, but also in the SADC region”.